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 The Music genre can be described as

Indian Flavored Electronic music.

A Blend of Electronica and Instruments 

with a touch of Ethnic and world influence.

Also called, Indian Electronica, Indian

Electronic Fusion, World Beat, Ethnic Fusion,

Psychedelic Downtempo music,

with a mystical touch of the indian

and middle eastern Instruments and Vocals,

Fused with Beats, Synthesizers, drums and percussion.








New Album Available on Masala Records


Tikki Masala - Mystical Realms  

 A mystical Journey Through The Realms Of Consciousness

 Indian Electronica, Deep Mystical Downtempo, Ambient 


1  -Bodhisattva

2  -In Another World

3  -Surya Namaha

4  -From Varanasi to Rishikesh

5  -Deep Before Dawn

6  -Deep Mystery

7  -Timeless (Instrumental)

8  -Mahadev in Sanskrit

9  -Obsecure Moods

10-Message from the Next Dimention

Tikki Masala - Traveling Through

The new Album Tikki Masala - Traveling through, is the continuum of the previous album Mystical realms. 
The journey through the realms of consciousness continues, exploring new Dimensions, new feelings, new existence into the next age , leaving the old realm behind up to the next. 
The album will be more with Drums, percussion, rhythm , bass lines , and synthesizers. 
Indian electronica, psychedelic downtempo, with ethnic end world influences. 
Thanks to : 
Vadim Batura : Santoor 
Vertal : Hang 
Ludo Guimbarde : Rajasthani Double Flute 
Nicolas mortelmans : Sitar 
Devanagari : Sitar

Available on :

Tikki Masala - Prarambha

The album is called  "Prarambha". 
In Sanskrit this means "The Beginning". The album holds tracks from the early years of Tikki Masala (2008-2012). 
The idea for Tikki Masala to start making electronic fusion music was sparked after a long trip to India in 2005.  
Inspired by the journey and the beauty of Indian classical music, Tikki Masala was born.  
Most of the tracks are unreleased and have now been finalized to see the light. 
The album has 3 volumes, 
Vol 1 - First ever Tikki Masala tracks (2007-2009)   
Vol 2 - Best of the early years, (2010-2012) 
Vol 3 - Forgotten Works (2008-2012) 
very happy to finally bring this music to you. 
Enjoy the Prarambha of Tikki Masala. 

             Volume 1

             Volume 2

             Volume 3

Available on Mindplug Records

Tikki Masala - Dil Ka Desh

(Land of the heart)

Indian Electronica, World fusion, downtempo.







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